Saturday, February 20, 2016

Oh Geul Boh Geul

Oh Geul Boh Geul (5320 Yonge St, Willowdale)

We were looking for a new tofu soup place as Buk Chang Dong Soon tofu place increased their prices and gave me and others stomach problems on different occasions.
So a storefront or two down from The Owl lies this place. You can choose to have a non spicy tofu soup if you want, which satisfied Renée. They start you off with lots of banchan, including this yummy savoury pancake thing. I approve. The soon dobu soup was acceptable as well. Lots of tofu in it.

Other things to note: at least one server can speak Mandarin in this Korean restaurant, orange slices come with the bill, the rice was a bit hard, they fill in the middle seating area before allowing people to sit at the curtained-off booths lined along the wall.

Would I return? Yeah, probably. It's unassuming enough, and provides many of the Korean staple dishes. Plus, I enjoy the banchan offerings.

Update with the banchan pics. The pancake is the best. I also enjoy the spicy potatoes.

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