Tuesday, March 5, 2013

St. Louis Bar & Grill


Southwest Taquito Trio ($14.99 + tax) Feb. 18 - Mar. 17. It comes with a 20oz. pint of Coors Light. 
There's bacon-wrapped macaroni and cheese balls on sticks. I preferred the deep-fried mac 'n cheese balls that Bianca made. There's something that looks like Caucasian spring rolls... and that's more or less what it tastes like. There's a mini stack of taquitos. The whole plate was kind of meh, even though I was hungry. On the plus side, stuff that was supposed to be crispy was crispy. It was more filling than it looked. 

I didn't actually drink my Coors Light. I switched the watery beer for Derek's Heineken since he thinks that all beer tastes the same (NO, it does NOT). Cheers to him for not caring either way. 

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