Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Deep-fry party!

Bianca had the genius idea of having a deep-fry party. And yes, it was as unhealthy as it sounds: crispy and delicious. Everything was thrown in the freezer to chill before frying. Jenny provided the batter, and I think she said it was a mix of milk, eggs, flour, and baking soda.

Deep-fried Oreos

Deep-fried bananas
I think these were my favourite since they weren't killing me with sweetness.

Deep-fried Twinkie with some canned whipped cream

There were also deep-fried Mars bars, and deep-fried Kit Kat bars. I didn't try the Kit Kat bars, but from what I had I liked the bananas and Mars bars the best. Julie measured the difference in oil (before and after), and noted that between the eight or nine of us, we consumed 500mL of oil. 

Cheers to Bianca for setting this up, and to everyone for coming together and bringing deep fryers and stuff to fry! I think we should have a vegetable party next.

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