Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Pie (34 Commerce Park Drive, Barrie, Ontario)

Megan and Brandan introduced us to this place, and they mention that they've never ordered anything and not liked it. Sounds good to me!

I got this after 8 p.m. special that included a stein of Sapporo (or Sleeman) for $9.50 and a Kobi 3 pizza pie that comes with it for free! 
This picture really doesn't demonstrate the sheer monstrosity that a stein of beer is. The best part was not knowing what a stein of beer was and then being pleasantly surprised at the hugeness of it. The hand-tossed,  wood-fired pizza is also quite large. It hangs over the plate a bit. Each additional topping to the pizza was $2, so I added some spicy sausage. It's good sausage.

I thought it was a pretty decent deal when I thought it was a pint of beer... then the comically large beer mug that was taller than my face came out. :D Comically large!!!! It was suggested to me that I drink it with two hands or get a straw. What made it all the better was that it was sapporo and not Coors water. The pizza crust was super thin, and it was entertaining to occasionally watch the guys at the front toss them up into the air while making the dough. Also entertaining were the random, old music videos projected on to the wall behind us. 

Would I return? YES. STEIN OF BEER. It's a really good deal. The pizza was good. I enjoyed the flavour of the sausage and the thin crust. Brandan also mentioned that their dessert pizzas and pasta dishes were good, so I will have to try those next time. 

They also sell frozen pizza pies. Each package contains two pizzas for about $14. Two packages of frozen pizzas (4 pizzas in total) is $25.

Total damage: $12.74 (pre-tip) for my Sapporo and Kobi pizza with one additional topping.

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