Friday, March 1, 2013

Rosewood Chinese Cuisine


Momo found this place with their special dim sum pricing of $1.88 per dish, available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to noon. This applies to any size dish. 

We were greeted in Mandarin, but as we were led upstairs, I noticed that the staff also spoke Cantonese. We were given a dim sum menu that had two columns with Chinese headers. 

Momo tries to decipher the words.

This is but a fraction of what we ordered and ate.

Overall, the place is surprisingly clean for Chinatown - at least the upstairs was; I didn't quite get a good look at the downstairs area. There are four large screens put together for karaoke, which was not going on when we went to eat there. 

Would I return? Yes. I enjoyed the food. Most of it tasted like the real deal. I was just a bit disappointed at the cha siu chaan bao because it wasn't the sticky, glazed top kind. Other than that, the stuff we ordered tasted as expected. There is a tea charge, but the price per plate (during the early bird pricing) was very fair. 

Total damage: approximately $15 each. With the leftovers, this was more like two meals for the price of one. 

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