Sunday, May 27, 2012

Red Lobster Festival of Shrimp

Red Lobster (20 Dundas Street West, Toronto)

House salad.
Giant croutons! Rawr!

Red Lobster signature pizza
It wasn't very good. The bits of lobster were super dried out. 

I chose three shrimp options for about $20 which is part of their Festival of shrimp special. You can also get two shrimp choices for about $15. The options include garlic butter shrimp, shrimp tacos, breaded shrimp, fried coconut shrimp, potato-encrusted shrimp, shrimp pasta, etc.
I got the breaded shrimp, garlic butter shrimp, and shrimp tacos. The garlic butter shrimp came in a pool of butter. I'd say it was my favourite option... because I enjoy butter. I was unimpressed with the shrimp tacos, possibly because I was expecting something like the yummy fish tacos I had on the weekend from a food truck (more on that later). When I had ordered, I didn't realize that my meal came with a salad and a side. It was way too much food for me... especially since I ate multiple biscuits.

Would I return? Overall, the food was blah and a bit pricey. I went mainly to introduce my peers to the infamous Red Lobster biscuits (free with dinner meal).  I can't believe that many of them have never been to Red Lobster and have never experienced the greatness of their biscuits. The biscuits are soft, salty, buttery, and delicious! They're a bit cheesy too. They are simply awesome. I would return if they brought back that endless shrimp, but otherwise I might just get their biscuits to go (approximately $3 for 6).

Total damage: $35 for my meal, my share of the pizza (split into 4), and my draft beer.

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