Thursday, May 10, 2012



A02: Fish bean curd and Yunnan noodles in soup... or something like that.
I can't really remember what it's called. I like the soft bean curd poufs. I switched the standard noodles for other noodles, but I'm not sure what I switched it for because Jo ordered it for me in Chinese. Overall, it's very plentiful, and could probably feed two people. Other soup noodles of this variety can come in combo form with a drink. Renée got the fish slices in soup noodles and I'll admit that it tasted better than it sounded. The fish was peppery and not super bland.

Would I return? Sure. Jo likes their cold Hong Kong style milk tea, and the prices are cheap enough. They've repackaged their menu into a nicer bound book with lots of pictures. We also saw a staff member wiping down menus with steaming water later in the night. I was impressed and it's good to know that they're cleaned.

Total damage: approximately $7. Jo had a receipt from before which gave us 10% off our meal. I don't know how long that promotion is going to last.

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