Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Niwatei (3160 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, Ontario)

Pork ramen ($8.80)
I've been craving ramen for so long now. SO LONG! Anyway, this definitely satisfied my craving. Doesn't come with much meat, but the noodles are bouncy and fun, and the broth was so turbid with flavour. I also really like how they don't overboil their eggs. I was pretty full by the end of it, but Lorne was still hungry after eating his bowl of ramen. 

Deep-fried chicken ($6)
The chicken wasn't super crispy, but the meat was nice and moist. They appeared to use dark meat for it. Lorne said that it wasn't great, but I liked that the meat wasn't dried out. Could have been crispier though. 

Would I return? Yes. They have good ramen noodles. The menu isn't super extensive, but it is a ramen joint and that's their focus. I also really enjoy their random racoon cartoons on their menus. So random and so cute!

Total damage: approximately $15 for my noodles and half of the chicken.

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