Saturday, February 18, 2012

Village By the Grange Food

At the corner of Dundas West and St. Patrick to about McCaul, there's a small food court that has a pretty good variety of food. It may look a little old, but it definitely has character and some family run options that you wouldn't find in other food courts.

Monique got this hearty breakfast meal for lunch from Karine's.
There was fruit, there was meat and eggs, there were potatoes, and there was toast. All for about $6. She would've saved $1 if she had eaten there instead of getting take-out. I think they're green or something. They advertise various vegan options as well. 

Amanda got her spinach pie and salad from the Greek place for under $10.

I went to Red Red Noodles where the guy had great customer service. I like this place because they sometimes give you a large chunk of dragon fruit. It seems random though, as they don't always have it.
I got the one with BBQ pork and chicken, and a spring roll. You can get it on noodles too. The optional spicy sauce was no joke. You can see the pepper flakes and seeds in the picture, and I thought my mouth was going to explode. Bianca tried some, thinking I was being a wuss, and she had to cool her tongue with peanut butter and crackers. She looked like she was in pain. The food was decent. I like their chicken and their sauce is on fire!!! The meal was about $7. 

Chicken katsu from Sakura ($6.75)
That sauce is awesome. Always say yes to the sauce. I like their salad dressing, and I also like that I got two large pieces of chicken katsu. 

Would I return? To Village by the Grange? Sure. There's no reason not to. It has many options, from Greek to Chinese to vegan to Japanese, and it also has a McDonald's for familiar fast food convenience. Also, it's just too easy to find a filling meal there for under $10 - great for students. 

Warning: The simply titled Tasty Chinese Food joint at the corner may have cheap food, but it gave two people diarrhoea. 

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