Friday, March 2, 2012


When they turned Maple Leaf Gardens into a giant Loblaws, I was really excited. We couldn't make it to the opening day, but Monique and I managed to find a day to visit. And we were glad we did!

The first thing we see: CUPCAKES!
Many kinds, different sizes. The display looks lovely.

 There's sushi, there's hot food, there's soups and sandwiches. Monique got chicken and sides and the chicken didn't look dry one bit. She was happy with it.

 In case you don't know where things are, there are giant signs. DELI!
There are plates of samples on top of the display. 

There are definitely some T&T elements in this Loblaws.
This thing scared the crap out of me, as it made gun sounds while shooting out those flat snacks.

The cheese selection looks extensive.

The block of carved chocolate looks kind of cool... but I thought it was going to be giant.

Uptairs, there's some tables, a cooking school,  Joe Fresh, and one more thing...

LCBO! Loblaws + LCBO = magic. I wish I could live there.

The LCBO had Korbel! 

But I picked up a bottle of this instead.

There wasn't regular Sir Perry, but there was Sir Perry Berry. 

We had to go back and get some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting infusion (approximately $3.50 each).

That was a lot of cream cheese. I felt like there was 1/2 a pack of Philadelphia in there. The flavour was good, but the cake could have been softer. I'd get it again. It would satisfy my random cake cravings.

Would I return?
Yes. That cooked chicken looked really good. Free samples and nice staff are right around the corner. There were cheese samples, cold cut samples, cake samples, cracker and spread samples, Chinese cookie samples, and bread samples... and we didn't even go into the grocery section yet. The LCBO upstairs had a good selection of stuff I want.

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