Friday, March 25, 2016

Ten Ren's Tea

Ten Ren's Tea (5095 Yonge Street)
(416) 229-1688

Pu-Erh Tea Beef Noodle
It was kind of salty, even for me. Many of the beef pieces were those weird parts I don't enjoy eating, like hard tendon, or lump of chewy fat. And maybe my memory is messing with me, but I thought that the noodles used to be green?

Chocolate Hokkaido Milk tea
Came with bubbles, which I never voluntarily order, so that's cool, I guess. Tasted like chocolate milk with tapioca bubbles.

Would I return? Uhmm... not sure. The beef pieces were definitely not enjoyable. Gone are the daily specials, and in their stead is a menu that I could not understand (not due to translation issues). There was a rice/noodle combo for $8.99 + two sides, and I still don't know what the two sides are, even after asking. The menu items in that section are awkwardly numbered, and it didn't really make any sense. The prices of the drinks range from about $6-9, which is a bit much. They're cheaper if you combine them with a meal, but still. This used to be the cheap Ten Ren location, but I guess everything has changed since my last visit. Maybe, I'll just have to stick to the highway 7 location, or you know, find a better place to go to.

Total damage: approximately $15.

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