Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jamie Kennedy Fries

Grabbing a snack at the ACC doesn't always sound so appealing. Everything is ridiculously overpriced and it's usually about as fancy as movie theatre food. I was pretty surprised to see Jamie Kennedy's name in there on anything, but there it was... right above the word "fries". 

Fries with cider mayonnaise ($6.50)
The fries are decent. They're seasoned with what I think is thyme. I liked the cider mayo. The acidity gave it a nice tangy flavour. Jo said that got old fast, and that all she could taste afterwards was the seasoning on the fries. I only ate a few, so I didn't have that problem. 

Would I return? Well, if I'm stuck at the ACC with an empty stomach, I think those fries just might be the most worth it thing to get. That or a large beer... the lid it comes with is meant to be used with a straw. Beer with a straw? Ha ha ha. 

Cheers to Jo for sharing! 

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