Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hosu (254 Queen Street West, Toronto)

Complimentary appetizers.

Spider roll: soft shell crab roll.
The deep-fried crab was super crispy. Renée and I were actually only expecting 6-8 pieces, and not the 10 that we received.

140. Teriyaki chicken and shrimp tempura bento box.
The batter on the shrimp tempura was super thick and crunchy. The tempura sauce was actually served to our table warm. There were two layers of chicken that I thought was cooked pretty well. The bed of raw bean sprouts under it wasn't that appealing though. Neither me nor Renée could finish our bento boxes. We both ate less than half the box and only two pieces each of the spider roll. We weren't expecting the monstrous proportions that we were given. 

Would I return? Yes, when I'm very hungry. The prices are decent, and the quality isn't bad. The place isn't super fancy, and it was comfortable enough for me to bring my backpack into. 

Total damage: $17-something. 

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