Wednesday, April 24, 2013


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Bianca and I had been going through random food site lists for izakayas downtown. The first one we went to seemed more of a sushi joint than it did an izakaya. So we walked all the way back to our old stomping ground on St. Patrick to try out a restaurant I remember seeing in the area. 

It looks legit enough.

Yam tempura. It was decent. I would've preferred more crispiness, but perhaps we let it sit for too long before digging in. I did appreciate the fact that we were given individual tempura sauce bowls. No germ-sharing for the win!

That's so Asian!

Kimchi soup thing and black cod.
I really enjoyed the soup thing. The kimchi taste was more subtle than I had expected. The bowl had a lot of stuff in it. The piece of black cod seemed larger than what I've been given at other izakayas. It was also delicious, as black cod usually is. 

I would've had more food pictures, but I got hungry and forgot to take them.

Would I return? Yes. I enjoyed the food. The prices are comparable to most other izakayas in Toronto. 

Total damage: $52-something for the both of us. There was kimchi soup thing, a beer, yam tempura, black cod, tako wasabi, and something else that I'm forgetting...

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