Thursday, August 2, 2012


Most (5449 Yonge Street, Toronto)

Peach something something green tea.

Saw this place as I was walking by Yonge Street. It looked clean enough. There are wooden benches and tables, and a wide strip of chalk board around going around the room. My drink tasted decent enough. There was peach taste. And tea taste. And yet, I wasn't impressed overall. For one, my butt started hurting a few minutes after sitting down on those hard benches with no backing. The dessert selection seemed a little meagre and pricey. When Jo asked if the gelato on the menu was actually gelato (as opposed to ice cream), she was told that it was ice cream. 

Would I return? Well... my drink was a bit too pricey, my butt and back weren't comfortable, and there was nothing on the menu that looked super exciting. I'd say that my return would be most unlikely.

Total damage: something like $8 for my drink!

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