Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mi Ne Japanese Restaurant

Mi Ne Japanese Restaurant (10815 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill)

I ate something exciting again. Mi Ne does fancy, giant maki rolls.

They were pretty busy for a Tuesday evening. We managed to nab the last free table in the small restaurant when we got there.

Yam roll, Orangeville roll, and lobster roll.
Lovely presentation. That Orangeville roll was a hit with us. It was a bit hard to eat, because each piece was difficult to shove in my mouth in one go. That is basically my only complaint. The yam roll was topped off with yam fries. It was a good break from flavourland because it tasted simpler. Good texture. I enjoyed the lobster roll as well. 

Torched rainbow roll.
Yes. This was my favourite. Love the flame taste, haha. 

Would I return? Yup! Service was friendly. The food took a bit long, but our hunger monsters were placated with free salad and miso soup. There is clearly work involved in each of the rolls, as far as ingredients and presentation. Not the cheapest place, but the rolls are huge and full of stuff - exciting stuff, not just a crap ton of rice!

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