Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sweet O'Clock


This is another North York Yonge Street place that has been receiving quite a bit of attention since it has opened. 

Taro tofu pudding. 
I actually ordered taro balls tofu pudding... but I guess they didn't hear that. I think I might just get a Mandarin-speaking friend to order for me next time. It was fine, though, since the taro was pretty good. The chunks of taro are huge and soft, and very hearty. 

We decided to get take-out since there were no tables available. The order took a little while, but the wait wasn't unbearable. Monique said it tasted like the stuff she had in Taiwan, so I guess it's pretty authentic-tasting.

Would I return? Sure! We saw someone order a supreme mango crushed ice thing, and it looked pretty glorious with it's scoop of ice cream on top. Plus, I would like to try their taro balls, and see if Zen-Q has some real, local taro ball competition.

Total damage: $6.77.

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